The Tough Kid Book, 3rd ed.

Tough Kid authors Ginger Rhode, William R. Jenson, and Natalie Williams are hard at work updating their perennially popular The Tough Kid Book

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The new The Tough Kid Book (3rd ed.) for grades 1–8 has been rewritten with new behavior management strategies and updated sections on behavior assessment, identifying effective rewards, and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), with an emphasis on linking functional behavior assessment to interventions. The new intervention strategies are evidence based, effective, positive, time efficient, and, above all, practical.

New strategies include:

  • Clean Your Plate for academic completion
  • Tootling as a social skill to reduce tattling
  • The Quiet Classroom positive group contingency
  • The Electronic Home Note (Daily Behavior Report Card)
  • On-Task in a Box to improve on-task attention
  • And much more

The Tough Kid Tool Box for grades K–12 will also be updated with ready-to-use materials for implementing the behavior management strategies presented in The Tough Kid Book, 3rd ed.