The Third Quest

By Read Well Authors Marilyn Sprick and Ann Watanabe, The Third Quest is a program for struggling older readers. Through a balance of narrative fiction and informational text, intrigue and mystery engage students as they travel through ancient history. Research-based lessons include work with sophisticated vocabulary, word study, comprehension, fluency, and provides study skills and CCSS connections.


2018 / Teacher's kit contains program guide, teacher guides, teacher reader, map, posters, assessments, short videos, and one set of student materials
For Grades:
  • Ann Watanabe
  • Marilyn Sprick
Area of Focus:


When teachers teach and programs deliver: “WOW!!! Impressive results! The authors have done it again! High-quality teaching paired with systematic evidence-based materials has been a win for our kids!!”—Carol Sanders, Director of Teaching and Learning K–12, Oregon City School District


Students in Grade 5 through adults:

  • General education intervention students
  • Special education students
  • Students with dyslexia

Entry Level: 60 to 130 wcpm on sixth-grade passages


The Teacher Materials include one set of student materials and everything the teacher will need to implement The Third Quest:

  • Program Guide
  • Teacher Reader
  • Teacher Level Guides
  • In-program assessments
  • Short videos
  • Posters
  • One set of Student Materials

Additional sets of student materials, as well as consumable logbook refills, are available. Learn more at

  • Marilyn Sprick

    With more than 35 years in education, Marilyn Sprick has been a general education teacher, special education teacher, and Title I learning specialist. As an educational consultant, Marilyn has provided training in literacy, curriculum adaptation, and collaborative instruction for thousands of teachers throughout the United States and Canada. Marilyn’s focus is on scaffolding and differentiating curriculum, explicit instruction, motivating students, and diagnostic prescriptive teaching. She is well respected for her ability to inspire teachers and translate research into classroom practice. Marilyn is also author of “Intervention B: Academic Assistance” in Interventions: Evidence-Based Behavioral Strategies for Individual Students and a coauthor of Meaningful Work, Tough Kid: On-Task in a Box, and SMART Kids: Social Grace, Manners, and Respectful Talk. Read Well K-2 Training. Marilyn Sprick and a group of highly qualified trainers provide expert professional development in the K–2 Read Well programs. For additional information, training tips and hints, visit

  • Ann Watanabe

    Ann Watanabe is an author of Read Well 2, Read Well 2 Fluency Foundations, Read Well 1 Composition, and The Third Quest. She has worked in education as a teacher in special and general education. She has been a resource teacher, reading coach, literacy consultant, and adult education teacher. For more than 35 years, Ann has dedicated her career to helping students of all ages become literate and self-confident. Throughout the state of Hawaii, Ann is known for her work in early reading instruction and instructional delivery—providing professional development for thousands of teachers. She has worked on multiple school improvement initiatives and is the coauthor of the Hawaii State Literacy Tutor Training Program. Ann has presented at district, state, and national conferences and is the recipient of a national Excellence in Education Staff Development award. She coauthored the K–2 CCSS (Common Core State Standards) reading assessments for the state of Hawaii. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher in Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood. As an educational consultant, Ann continues to provide consultation and training in beginning reading, explicit and instruction, Read Well, and a range of supplemental and intervention reading programs.