Climate & Safety Surveys

Climate & Safety Surveys enable leadership teams to develop behavioral improvement plans based on assessment and analysis of staff, student, and parent survey data.

$1/student ($200 minimum). Call 1.866.542.1490 to purchase or schedule online demo.
For Grades:
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Climate & Safety Surveys assess school stakeholders on topics such as:

  • Safety in common areas of the school
  • Social/emotional safety
  • Positive interactions between adults and students
  • Teaching and enforcing school rules
  • Attitudes about schoolwork
  • Frequency of major and dangerous discipline problems on campus
  • Sense of belonging and support for all school members

These easy-to-use online surveys allow staff, students, and parents to weigh in on the important variables that make up the school climate and culture. When surveys are complete, school administrators and members of the leadership team receive reports that allow them to celebrate strengths and home in on trouble spots. Informative charts and graphs aid in data analysis.

Climate & Safety Surveys are ideal for sustaining ongoing school improvement efforts in grade K-12 schools. However, we recommend that you start the online student surveys at 2nd or 3rd grade to ensure that students are able to read and comprehend the questions. Family and teacher surveys are conducted at all grade levels.

Pricing: $1/student ($200 minimum)

Call 1.866.542.1490 to purchase.