Terisa Gabrielsen

Terisa Gabrielsen is a doctoral candidate in School Psychology at the University of Utah. After 25 years of teaching business at the community college level, Terisa changed fields and has focused her research on screening toddlers for early identification of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through their pediatricians. She has recently been working with interdisciplinary leadership teams of medical and other professionals to improve standards of care for children with ASD, including health care provider training. Terisa has also teamed with university psychologists and graduate students to develop and deliver social skills treatment programs for elementary and secondary students.

Superheroes Consumables 8-pack

The Student Consumables 8-Pack includes stickers, name tags, Power Cards, Scooter Cards, Black Hole Cards, Comics, and Power Posters.

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Superheroes Social Skills

Superheroes Social Skills is an evidence-based program that enhances the social competence of elementary students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), behavioral disorders, or developmental delays. Superheroes was specifically designed to …

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