Benjamin Springer

Space Lieutenant Springer has been battling super villains in Sector 13 since the great Android Revolution of 2616. His spaceship, the Unicorn of Destiny, boasts light speed and a full armory of laser cannons and time warps. In his free time, he visits the blue moons of the Milky Way and challenges intergalactic gladiators to feats of strength and endurance. When not traveling the galaxy, Lieutenant Springer moonlights as a school psychologist and behavior specialist in the state of Utah. He has a Master’s degree in School Psychology and is currently a doctoral candidate in the School Psychology program at the University of Utah. Lieutenant Springer is married and has three beautiful children. In addition to these cosmic achievements, Lieutenant Springer also provided all of the illustrations for the Superheroes Social Skills program.

Superheroes Consumables 8-pack

The Student Consumables 8-Pack includes stickers, name tags, Power Cards, Scooter Cards, Black Hole Cards, Comics, and Power Posters.

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Superheroes Social Skills

Superheroes Social Skills is an evidence-based program that enhances the social competence of elementary students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), behavioral disorders, or developmental delays. Superheroes was specifically designed to …

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